Dialogs with Divine

1971…૫૦ વર્ષ પૂર્વે…

Today we were sitting in the backyard as always and were enjoying a cup of tea/coffee together. We started talking about completing 50 years of marriage and asked each other ‘Have we really walked these far?!” How?

And out of many answers we got true answers as under:

On Golden Jubilee..

Dialogs with Divine..

Have we walked 50 years together really on our own?

No; it was YOU who carried us and walked for us.

Have we made any plan to live?

Yes; But YOU turned into plan B better for us.

Are we successful by each phase of life?

Yes, we feel cause each time

YOU guided the right road to us.

Do we want to say or pray at this time?

May be not as you know and

More than we deserve,

YOU have always provided to us.

Do we wish something today?

On this Golden Jubilee Day?

Yes…As and when YOU call,

We want to reach & greet as pure as

YOU had sent us from There to Here

In this beautiful family and

This Wonderful World.

Let us bow our head together to YOU.

Devika & Rahul Dhruva

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