Glow From Western Shores:

English Translation of  Gujarati Diaspora Literature Award

 Gujarati book ‘આથમણી કોરનો ઉજાસ’.

Translated Book in EnglishGlow From Western Shores:

-Translation by Arpan Vyas

-available on

-available as paperback and also in  kindle eBook.

This Book is an English translation of Diaspora Literature Award Gujarati book ‘આથમણી કોરનો ઉજાસ’.. This Award is announced by a Gujarati Sahitya Parishad, Ahmedabad, India amongst the books published in the year 2016-17.

Many short term visitors have written superficial content in the forms of articles or essays till now. It is unheard that after staying for 35-40 years in a foreign land, someone has written all first-hand experiences, good or bad, with utmost detail without any prejudice. The uniqueness of these letters lies in the description of the difficult and closely associated incidents of two countries (U.K. and U.S.) in a literary style.

-The Researcher of Diaspora Literary Creation Shri Balvant Jani, gave much needed encouragement through the medium of the series of  Gujarati books of his institute GREIDS.

Literature lovers will surely welcome this new experiment.

Original Gujarati Book: 





2 thoughts on “Glow From Western Shores:

  1. કહે છે ને કે અંતરથી નજીક હોય એને સ્થળનું અંતર ક્યાં વિખૂટા પાડે?
    જ્યાં વેવ લેન્થ મળતી હોય ત્યાં વચ્ચે કઈ લેન્થ નડે?

    અભિનંદન દેવિકાબેન અને નયનાબેન.

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