come with me…By Akash Dhruva

  Happy to share my Grandson’s poetry..                                   

 The Beach

Akash's poem

come with me to the beach.
see the waves creep up on the sand
like a spider sneaking to attack.
Hear the waves crashing into each other,
Feel the toes in the water and
your back in the sand.
Smell the salty clams that have been
washed up to shore.
Taste the ice cold lemonade as you are
riding your bike across the sunrise.
See the sunset with the sun
lying half way above the horizon.

                                                                                By Akash Achal Dhruva


This poetry is connecting the five senses of human beings with natures’ various elements. It has come from the heart of 11 years young boy who is enjoying the inner part of nature with purity.

The beach, sand, waves, various form of sun and simily of those like spider, salty clams and ice cold lemonade show the different moods of a pre-youth mind. He has also beautifully drawn the pictures by words like waves creeping and crashing, sneaking spiders, bike riding boy and of lying the sun half way above the horizon.

Congratulations to Akash Dhruva.

Devika Dhruva


8 thoughts on “come with me…By Akash Dhruva

  1. ગળથૂથીમા સ્વર અને અક્ષર પણ ઘુંટીને પાયા લાગે છે. સાચે જ મોરના ઈંડા ચિતરવા ના પડે, એ આકાશે સહજ સાબિત કર્યું છે. સહુ પૌત્ર પૌત્રી જુદા જુદા ક્ષેત્રે નામ રોશન કરે એવી શુભેચ્છા.


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