3 thoughts on “દીપાવલી મુબારક.

  1. Wishing each and every one of you a very Happy and Healthy Diwali,
    Meaning of Ramayana from Yoga:
    The way this is is interpreted from a Kundalini Yoga perspective is this.
    Rama is the soul.
    Lakshman is concentration.
    Sita is Kundalini Shakti
    Ravana is Ego
    Hanuman is Prana
    Lanka is the Root Chakra
    So from the above the true meaning of the Ramayana is that the Soul (Rama) needs to use Lakshman (Concentration) to harness the power of Prana (Hanuman) in order to defeat the ego (Ravana) and liberate Kundalini Shakti (Sita) from the Root Chakra (Lanka).
    What Is Diwali Truly – The Festival of Lights:
    Often times the great masters would simply call light as God. They just said light is God. It is my experience that often enlightenment experiences and the very journey to Self Realization is filled with many astonishing experiences with light. Thus, for me the real meaning of Diwali, or The Festival of Lights, is the experience of inner light that takes place as we encounter and come closer to realizing our true nature – Rama.
    Perhaps Diwali can be though of as the day of ultimate illumination when one sees completely the false nature of the ego and dualistic reality. It is the day of enlightenment, such as that for Lord Mahavira on Diwali.
    Below are some examples of the inner Diwali that takes place on your journey back to the Self.Inner Festival of Lights This inner light can be enjoyed and gazed at without harm. Now that is one powerful diya : Inducing Altered States of Consciousness. Encountering beauty of this magnitude always brings with it such joy, that is it hard to express the elation in words.
    So again, wishing you all a wonderful Diwali and may your lives be filled peace, happiness, love and light.


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